Respecting Planet Earth...

I've made a great effort to ensure that all Comfy Marmalade products and packaging as eco-friendly and environmentally sound as possible: 


​- cards are printed on paper from environmentally and responsibly managed forests.

- art prints are printed on an eco-tank printer.

- packaging: Comfy Marmalade products come in recyclable (and often recycled) packaging. I avoid plastic - even the A3 print tubes don't have plastic lids. And I use bio-cello wallets that you can pop in your composter.


Wherever possible I aim to use printing and packaging companies that are making (to my untrained eye) a solid commitment to addressing eco-friendly issues, based on their company eco-statements. And I donate a percentage of my annual profits to The Woodland Trust, with the aim of balancing my use of paper with the replanting of new paper, as it were.


As a family we actively aim to keep our impact on the planet and its furry friends to a minimum; we're not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but we try to do our bit. So with Comfy Marmalade I was keen to incorporate this good practice into my business ethos. I realised quite quickly that this was not going to be an easy road to travel!


Where one environmentally friendly tick box is checked, another is often crossed. Recycled paper, for example, seems like a great idea; however it appears that recycled paper has to go through a series of chemical processes, so the environmental benefits gap between recycled and non-recycled paper suddenly shrinks... Terminology is baffling to a non-expert: recycled, recyclable, FSC approved, ethically sourced... I would love to proclaim that my products are 100% environmentally friendly, but can I honestly say hand on heart that they are? Probably not, in truth.


I've come the conclusion that no matter how eco-friendly I hope to be I'll probably always be making a compromise somewhere down the line; unless more pressure is placed on companies by governments here and abroad to harness and adapt their products to new eco-technologies it will be almost impossible for small businesses like mine to become truly planetary friendly. BUT: small steps are better than no steps, and so I'll continue in my attempts to make my Comfy Marmalade as eco-friendly as possible.