Hello hello... good to see you!

I'm Karen and I'm a digital illustrator specialising in colourful and cheerful creations, produced as ethically as possible, to brighten up your home and make you smile.

I live with my husband, two kids and the dog in the beautiful Pennine hills, south Lancashire, UK.  Home is an old Victorian house - high ceilings, big windows, lots of character, eats money - which I fill with my retro and colourful finds. Come and visit us at The Marmalade Home on Instagram.


Things that I like:

orange (colour, not food) | anything mid century | charity shop shopping | getting out and about in nature | when a label comes off a product in a one-er | 1980s music


Things that I'm no so keen on:

avocado (food, not colour) | the smell of fried mushrooms | slugs | I can't think of anything else. That's got to be a good thing, right?


I usually work here in Comfy Marmalade HQ (our spare room) but sometimes I work in the living room overlooking the rolling hills, dog snoring on the sofa, coffee ideally limited to three a day.

Design-wise I love colour, simplicity, fun and vintage inspiration. Product quality and top notch customer service are super important to me. And I make sure my products and packaging are as eco-friendly as possible. I currently focus on paper goods (greetings cards, art prints, stickers, calendars etc) but I'm always working on new lines and products and am open to suggestion - get in touch if you've got a good idea…


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I hope you can find something here that tickles your fancy - thanks so much for dropping by! Karen x

PS: why the name Comfy Marmalade?

Because I love marmalade, I love the colour orange, and 'comfy' is a word I use regularly to describe our home. And Comfy seems to go well with Marmalade somehow...​

Karen Douglas, Comfy Marmalade, in Comfy Marmalade HQ
Comfy Marmalade rainbow lightning bolt digital illustration
Comfy Marmalade apple digital illustration
Comfy Marmalade daisies digital illustration